Finding the groove


Nina works in an interdisciplinary way, crossing the border between applied and performative art. With a background in theater, as an actor and set designer, she cross-breeds that skill with the skill of a glassblower.

The way she looks at glass is as a communicative material, a material that we all know, we all use and we all have surtain expectations of: Fragile and sharp and often made to drink from.

In all of her projects she works with these expectations and tries to turn them over. She plays with the symbol of a glass: if the glass and the function is so tightly bound so the glass itself doesn’t need to be in the material of glass to have inherited the name, is then not a chandelier made out of plastic cups named ”plastic glasses” a glass chandelier? Is not plastic glasses glass?

Questioning glasstradition and at the same time celebrating the same is her quest and lust. Why must we keep walking in the same footprints that has already been walked instead of finding a new groove?

Glass is more than windows and drinking cups.

It´s more than a material.

Photo: Bengt O. Pettersson